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Viale Matteotti, 69 43039 Salsomaggiore (PR) Italy
With the support of CARIPARMA and Crèdit Agricole

About us

Child sponsorships- Mondo Nuovo Onlus is an Association that promotes aid projects. Since its foundation in 1990, around 1200 sponsorships have been subscribed each year for children in Brazil, Eritrea, Etiopia, Lebanon, Peru, Tanzania and Togo. In addition, important projects have been completed, as documented on the Association's website.

How we operate

The Association:
  • thanks to the generous help of its volunteers, supports all efforts in favour of the child sponsorships and of the aid projects
  • collaborates with the religious and lay missions that operate in the countries of the sponsored children
  • supports specific cooperation projects such as the construction of a school, a shelter home, a health care facility, a workshop, or a well.
Donations received by the Association are sent directly to the Missionaries who, living locally, are able to guarantee that they are used carefully and correctly. They do this by providing up-to-date information, arranging regular visits to the Association, and by assisting those who wish to visit the sponsored children.

A small percentage of the money paid for the sponsorships -not more than 5%- is retained:
  • for organisational and administrative expenses
  • to replace any unpaid sponsorship quotas to ensure that the children concerned can complete the current school year


Child sponsorship is a form of solidarity which confers the status of godfather/ godmother on the sponsor of a child living in poverty, who is thereby guaranteed the primary necessities of life (food, medical assistance, clothing and education). When you sponsor a child your contribution also helps the child's family and the comunity in which he lives, through projects designed to fight poverty. Anyone can sponsor a child: families, couples, individuals, groups of schoolchildren or of friends, companies.

How to sponsor

The annual subscription of € 312.00 can be paid at the rate you prefer:
  • as a lump sum
  • in monthly instalments of € 26.00
  • in three-monthly instalments of € 78.00
  • in four-monthly instalments of € 104.00
  • in six-monthly instalments of € 156.00
Payment can be made as follows:
  • by bank transfer to
  • Mondo Nuovo Onlus - Adozioni a distanza
    Cariparma Crèdit Agricole
    Via Gramsci 41 - 43036 Fidenza (PR) Italy
    IBAN: IT48GO623065730000011401563
  • by non transferable cheque
  • by bank draft
  • by postal order
When payment is made for a new sponsorship, the sponsor must provide full personal details ( name, surname, address, telephone number and e-mail address ) and specify that it is a ´ new sponsorship ´. Upon receipt of the first payment, the Association matches the child with the new godfather or godmother and forwards a document with the child's photo and with the first information about him/her.

Other ways to support child sponsorships

Free donations
Those who wish to donate money can pay it into our current account with Cariparma Crédit Agricole.

Teaching material
Notebooks, pencil cases, biro, pens, blackboards, chalks, satchels etc.can be delivered to the Association´s office which will forward them as necessary.

Why choose our association

  • we are independent
  • the funds raised are used in a transparent manner
  • we have been working in this area since 1990
  • we have always been supported by Cariparma which, thanks also to its employees, has helped to increase the number of sponsorships, to complete major projects, and to spread this humanitarian initiative.

Tax concessions

When they complete the annual tax return, both private individuals and companies can deduct from their income any donations made up to 10% of the total declared income, provided that this does not exceed a maximum of 70,000.00 euros p.a. (art. 14 law 15/05/2005 n.80). Alternatively, one can apply the previous law under which
  • private individuals are allowed to deduct up to 19% of the income tax due, to a maximum of 2,065.83 euros (art. 15 bis, DPR 917/86)
  • companies are allowed to deduct donations up to a maximum of 2% of their declared income (art. 100 paragraph 2, DPR 917/86)
In all cases, in order to take advantage of these concessions, it is important to keep the receipts for all donations made to the Association, i.e.
  • the receipt for the bank transfer- issued by the bank
  • the bank statement showing the payment
  • the bank receipt for any payment in cash or for the sum charged to your account
  • the receipt for the postal order – issued by the Post Office
  • For further information please contact our Association
The Association´s office is in

Viale Matteotti,69
43039 Salsomaggiore (PR)

We are also on the website:
where you can find full information on our activity

How to contact us

The office is open to the public every day from 8.30 am to 12 noon, and from 3 pm to 6 pm excluding Sundays and holidays.

Telephone: 0039 0524 575405 or 0039 0524 573169
Fax: 0039 0524 575405
Website www.adottareadistanza.it

Contact our office if you require a statement of the donations made in our favour.